Due to global material shortage by Covid-19, AccuPower developed LiFePO4 battery packs and chargers to counter the Li-ion cell shortage.

Covid-19 has not only a strong impact on all of our daily life, but also a strong impact on production and supplies in the industry.

AccuPower also had to adapt to the current situation due to the worldwide shortage of materials by Corona and thanks to our fast acting development department some of our Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) battery systems could be converted to LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate).
This is how our first AccuPower LiFePO4 batteries and chargers were created, which can be used to replace lithium-ion batteries as well as heavy lead-gel batteries and other energy storage devices.

Features and benefits of AccuPower lithium iron phosphate technology:
LiFePO4 technology has similar behavior to lithium ion technology but is much safer. The discharge curve of LiFePO4 battery is flat, which means that the consumer will operate at constant power almost up to the end-of-discharge voltage.

  • High safety
    Due to the cell chemistry, LiFePO4 cells are considered intrinsically safe, meaning they are safer and will not burn or explode if damaged.
  • High cycle stability
    More than 2000 cycles are possible depending on the application. Much longer life than lithium-ion batteries or lead-acid batteries.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Better environmental compatibility and resource conservation due to the absence of cobalt. Contain no toxic heavy metals and LiFePO4 batteries are almost completely recyclable.
  • Temperature resistant
    In general, LiFePO4 cells are insensitive to lower and also higher temperatures.
  • Higher efficiency
    LiFePO4 have a stable discharge behavior and a higher efficiency both during charging and discharging