Environment & Disposal

AccuPower takes its social responsibility particularly seriously and endeavours, in accordance with the current state of scientific knowledge, to limit damage to the human organism as well as flora and fauna through the most modern technical achievements.

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    Environmental protection at AccuPower

    At AccuPower, the protection of the environment and the human organism is achieved through, among other things:

    • Collective transport for delivery of purchased parts to minimise transport distances,
    • environmentally compatible product design, i.e. reusable electronic boards / protection electronics, use of RoHS-compliant materials to avoid environmentally hazardous substances,
    • Optimisation of the measuring equipment used with regard to energy consumption,
    • AccuPower operating instructions with safety and disposal instructions for safe product use,
    • detailed product descriptions on the AccuPower website including hazardous materials documentation,
    • environmentally friendly AccuPower packaging (charger outer packaging made of cardboard, more easily degradable inner packaging instead of ordinary plastic packaging),
    • Life cycle extension, e.g. through the use of intelligent chargers with electronic monitoring & optimised charging technology, as well as repair instead of disposal for reuse by the customer in case of service, if possible,
    • Possibility of returning old chargers and old batteries purchased from AccuPower (as described above).

    Information for customers

    Disposal of used batteries and used chargers

    In order to avoid possible environmental damage and to ensure optimum resource recovery, AccuPower is increasingly focusing on the separate collection of batteries and waste electrical and electronic equipment.

    As a customer, you therefore have the opportunity to return used batteries and chargers purchased from AccuPower free of charge. Batteries or chargers purchased elsewhere can also be disposed of – to the extent of a new purchase from AccuPower (compare § 13 EAG-VO).

    Please note that the “crossed-out dustbin” symbol on electrical and electronic equipment means that it must not be disposed of with household waste. For safety reasons, separate collection is mandatory here.

    Environmental and quality management certifications

    Environment & Disposal