Dangers & fire behavior in extreme cases

AccuPower as an innovative company has investigated the fire behavior of different lithium battery systems, especially the behavior of lithium (Li-IOn) versus lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4).

Both battery types (test objects) are equivalent in performance to an e-bike battery.
Our test equipment recorded a large number of data during the investigation.

The test objects were housed in solid grid steel cages and heated simultaneously by an external heat supply.

The Li-Ion battery began to burn after just a few minutes, and about 5 seconds later there was a rapid temperature development from 35° to over 750°C associated with explosive fires and toxic fumes.

After the fire: The battery pack was completely torn apart by the explosions (thermal runaway) and completely destroyed.

The LiFePO4 battery only started to smoke some time later, in the form of overpressure deflagration.
However, no fire was ignited. Furthermore, no extreme temperature development was detected.

Due to the deflagration, “only” toxic vapors were emitted instead of flames.

After the fire: Only charring of the plastic parts due to the external heat supply and self-heating was detected on the individual cells. No thermal chain reaction took place.

The extreme fire investigation was supported by:
Fire and Civil Defense School Lebring
Fire Protection Forum Austria (BFA)

The evaluation of the knowledge is incorporated into our safety measures for both battery packs and charging technology.