Success story from ACCUPOWER

With over 25 years of know-how, we are the expert for mobile energy solutions in Austria!



More room for innovation and progress!

In early August, ACCUPOWER, along with ACCUSHOP, moved to SPACE33 at Weinholdstraße 33, A-8010 Graz.

This move strengthens their position as pioneers in the field of renewable energies and enables advanced research, improved services, and closer collaborations.


Experts in mobile energy.

To stay modern and at the forefront, the ACCUPOWER logo was adjusted to the current trends in spring.

However, the high-quality performance of the products continues to be preserved!


Future-oriented growth at ACCUPOWER!

ACCUPOWER and ACCUSHOP were successfully taken over by MOONS GmbH, under the management of Moritz Minarik.

With know-how as well as the financial strength to successfully continue and further develop both companies, ACCUPOWER will continue to be in good hands in the future.

Above all, this ensures that our partners and customers from all over the world will continue to have an innovative edge!


20 years of AccuPower: With great pride, our Managing Director, Ing. Issam Al-Abassy, accepted the award for entrepreneurial achievement from the Styrian Chamber of Commerce, which was presented to him by Regional Office Manager Viktor Larissegger and Division Managing Director Helmut Zaponig at our anniversary celebration.

We have been the partner for individual project solutions for 20 years!

20 Jahre Accupower


  • Development of systems for energy extension: AccuMotion Extender.
  • Internal system adaptation for quality optimisation: Certified according to ISO 9001:2015 since 21 November 2018.
  • Expansion of the IQ family with additional IQ312 and IQ216 chargers.

Chargers AccuPowerISO 9001 und ISO 14001 Logos mit AccuPower


  • Extension of the IQ family by the universal chargers of the type IQ338XL, which are now sold at well-known platforms.
  • Expansion of the marketing of intelligent lithium-ion special solutions on an international level (China, Korea, New Zealand).
  • These special industrial solutions have enabled us to establish business relationships with well-known car manufacturers.


special industrial solutions


  • Europe-wide marketing of the IQ family as well as in the USA, Australia and Canada.
  • Start of marketing of intelligent special solutions of lithium-ion battery packs for exhaust gas measurement in the automotive industry.


intelligent special solutions of lithium-ion battery packs for exhaust gas measurement in the automotive industry.


Development as well as utility model and patent application of the novel IQ chargers in Germany (IQ328+, IQ338).


Expansion of exports to other European countries.


Special battery pack solutions for a German manufacturer of electric golf trolleys.


Start of development and optimisation of battery solutions based on lithium-ion technology for industrial purposes.

Dummie AccuPower


  • Market launch of the further developed AccuLoop batteries AA/2300mAh, AAA/950mAh, C/4500mAh, D/8500mAh, 9V/220mAh.
  • Design and production transition of lithium golf kit battery packs for electric golf trolleys.
  • Design and manufacture of Li-ion battery packs for automation and medical technology.


Trolly AccuPower


Design and manufacture of battery packs for tools and industrial applications.

Akkupacks by AccuPower


  • Exhibition of AccuLoop batteries at trade fairs in Hong-Kong.
  • Market launch of the further developed AccuPower NiMH rechargeable batteries AA/2900mAh and AAA/1200mAh.
  • Design and production transition of the AP LP250 7.4V/250mAh Li-polymer battery in size 6F22 for special solar applications in the industrial sector.
  • Design and launch of the Panther5 charger for all 1- to 2-cell battery packs with Li-ion and Li-polymer systems that can be used for digital and video cameras.


Ausstel­lung der Accu­Loop-Akkus auf Messen in Hong-Kong. Markt­ein­füh­rung der weiter­ent­wi­ckelten AccuP­ower NiMH-Akkus AA/​2900mAh und AAA/​1200mAh.


Market launch of the AccuLoop rechargeable batteries with NiMH system AA/2100mAh and AAA/800mAh.


AccuLoop Logo by AccuPower


  • Market launch of the further developed NiMH rechargeable batteries AA/2600mAh, C/6000mAh, and D/11500mAh.
  • Market launch of the AccuPower Li-ion batteries R-CRV3 and APR-CR123 including protection electronics and chargers.


Market launch of the further developed AccuPower NiMH rechargeable batteries AA/2400mAh and AAA/1000mAh.


  • Further development and market launch of the AccuManager series: AccuManager10, AccuManager20.
  • Market launch of the AccuPower NiMH rechargeable batteries AA/2000mAh, AAA/800mAh, C/4500mAh and D/8500mAh.


AccuManger Logo by AccuPower


  • Market launch of AccuPower products in the USA.
  • Development of the charging unit ACBC75 (AccuCell Battery Control for Alkaline) with very low energy consumption for the special application of RAM cells in the solar sector.


  • Development of new chargers for NiMH and RAM batteries.
  • Development of a charging processor (AP 2010) for rechargeable NiMH cells.
  • Market launch of NiMH rechargeable batteries under the name and design of AccuPower AA/1800mAh and AAA/700mAh.


Development of a charging processor (ACBC 6264) for the rechargeable alkaline manganese cells (RAM or AccuCell) for AAA and AA size batteries.


First market launch of NiMH AA rechargeable batteries under the AccuPower brand.


Foundation of AccuPower Forschungs-, Entwicklungs- und Vertriebsges. m.b.H. in the Technology Park Graz.

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